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What Athletes Say

Before coming to momentum, I didn’t realize what you should get from a general workout program. However, after starting with them in July 2021, not only was this quickly identified, but so was what I wanted for myself. In my experience this includes doing work that directly benefits what I’m trying to accomplish as a football player. I’m now faster, have better stamina, markedly stronger, and as a result, the most confident I’ve ever been going into a season.

Though the workout is done remotely, I actually found this to be more beneficial than in person, not to mention the complications that come with covid, as it fits perfectly to the varying times of day I’m able to work out. Additionally, if I’m ever needing a stretch or help with a workout, Tylor has been more than helpful and able to coach me through the system in place with Sidekick.

Overall, I couldn’t imagine how I could benefit more from training, regarding getting to the place I want to be. T and the momentum crew has not only shown me how important putting hard work into your craft continues to be, but the level this must be done at, to gain momentum, and be successful.

-Jake Mihailides

Windsor Lancers Receiver